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Dynamic Daylighting System

The HOSS (Horizontal Opening Solar Solution) conserves energy and eliminates nightime light pollution.  Our low cost system has one of the fastest pay backs in the industry, making it both environmentally and fiscally sound.

Retrofit The HOSS into existing buildings, or design it into the architectural spec of your upcoming project.  It is available in all common commercial skylight sizes, and can be customized for any application.

Lowest installed cost

100% diffused light

Faster payback

Green lighting solution

Watch this short video to learn more about how The HOSS works

Why Soltactics?

Rapid Payback

Low install cost and fast payback through energy savings.

Retrofitting Solution

Inefficient skylights easily retrofitted reducing lighting and HVAC costs while improving illumination.


Fewest Roof Penetrations

Far fewer roof penetrations compared to tubular daylighting devices.

Most LEED Points

Innovative, sustainable design qualifies The HOSS for more LEED points than a standard skylight.

Platform for future lighting

The Hoss can serve as a platform for future lighting technologies such as OLED’s.

Controls Skylight Glare

Dynamically controls glare and illumination levels.